Done while at Uniform in collaboration
with Ole Martin Kristiansen.

Ekebergparken is a scuplture park in the middle of Oslo. The park is large, with woods, established paths and art. So far 36 sculptures has been erected, representative of European art history of the last 130 years.

The Ekebergparken app helps make the sculture park accessible for locals and tourists. The goal was to create an app that makes it easy to explore and experience Ekeberg’s long history, the beautiful nature and the splendid sculptures.

Where ekebergparken.com is meant for planning your visit, the app is your guide once you’re there. Using interactive maps visitors can find the sculptures – some om them are in the middle of the woods – and learn more about them.

Visitors can follow routes and when they get to a point of interest, receive videoes, information and quizes about the sculptures and the artist that made them.

The Ekeberg Now page features a timeline with a feed of current activity in the park, fetching photos using geo-location as well as Ekebergparkens own social accounts. It captures the pulse of the park and is an inspiration to attract new visitors.

Ekebergparken appeals to people of all ages. The goal was to create a user friendly app that was of value both to art lovers and those who just like to go for a walk in the park.